Various Benefits of Self-Bunded Tanks

One of the securest ways to contain and store your fuel or any other high-value liquid is the use of self-bunded tanks. These storage tanks are basically a tank within another tank. 

The main purpose of the outer tank sometimes referred to as the “bunded layer”, is to provide protection to the inner tank. It is the inner tank that holds and contains the fuel, hence, needing a good level of security. 

As for the outer layer, it is designed in such a way that it will hold a minimum of 110% of the contents of the inner tank. This feature allows for an extra safeguard of your high-value liquid in case spillage occurs. 

1.        Staying Compliant

Diesel fuel, petrochemical, and other similar high-value liquids should be stored in containment tanks that are not just strong but should be durable, too. More than that, it should have the required structural integrity to protect and secure its valuable liquid content. In commercial terms, any container with a storage capacitance for more than 200 liters, authorities necessitate it to be bunded.

2.       Protecting the Environment

If fuel spillage occurs,  there is one sure fire thing that will happen — it will eventually create havoc of unimaginable proportions to its immediate environment.  This is the reason why it is imperative for fleet managers to do everything in their power to prevent spillage and leakage from happening. 

This is where bunded fuel tanks come into the picture. They are primarily designed to protect your high-value liquids from spillage, so you can have your peace of mind knowing that they are safe and far from wreaking any harmful effect on the environment. 

3. Future Proof Your Fuel

It is natural for fleet managers to display a special kind of concern when it comes to finances and how they can help the business organization they belong to and work to make savings. 

It takes a good amount of understanding to see what bunded storage tanks represent and how imperative it is to see them as a form of investment that will certainly help you save significant amounts of money in the future. In complete contrast to what other cheaper alternatives do, bunded tanks can stand up against various weathering elements. This gives you a good level of assurance that your high-value fuel is safe for a much longer time. 

4. Theft Deterrent

Fuel theft is one of the most complained about issues in many business organizations, regardless of their industry. And there could be no better way to protect your company’s interests than by securing the high-value liquids you need in running your operation. 

The practical use of bunded storage tanks will ensure that you can track who among your staff or employees have a constant need for access to fuel, either for company’s provision for fuel or for running a piece of machinery in your facility. Bunded tanks are equipped with special monitoring devices so you can keep track of your fuel, oil, petrochemical stock and get alerts when you need to have a replenishment. 

The bunded feature for this type of storage tank for liquids will help discourage the would-be perpetrators of pilferage. The tank’s overall robust design and tough materials used for the tank will make it difficult for  anyone to get through the outer tank and into the inner tank where the liquid fuel is being kept.  


Make bunded tanks part of your comprehensive fuel management system. Fleet managers need to see and understand how such storage and containment facility could really help their operations before they would utilize it.