Testosterone Replacement for Men

The Most Common Blunder on Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Australia

None of us, including those who are actively taking TRT treatment, are qualified subject matter experts on male hormones. Most of the time, we engage ourselves to research everything about it only after we realize that it is indeed a bit complicated HRT (hormone replacement therapy). The truth about this is that we can’t always anticipate get the results we are expecting to have from a qualified HRT program. 

Like for instance, many of us would easily be obliged to undergo this type of HRT process when we are under the impression that one of the underlying reasons for our incessant fatigue is low or reduced amount of testosterone. Only to realize down the road that it is not necessarily the case. 

There is a manifold of reasons why we are experiencing either intermittent or incessant physical fatigue. Low or reduced amount of testosterone in our body is one of the many reasons, or it could be induced by too high amounts of it in our body. It can be brought about also by too high or too low estrogen levels, bad eating habits, nicotine, and sundry of other reasons.

In this article, we are going to take a look into some of these popular blunders on the use of testosterone replacement therapy in Australia and try to shed some light on them. 

Failure to understand the important role that estrogen has on the male human body. 

A low T or reduced amount of testosterone in the body comes with its array of symptoms. However, we can hardly say that each one of those is unique indicating symptoms of Low T. Most of the said symptoms are shared with several other hormones, particularly estrogen. 

One thing is certain, you are bound to suffer from a really bad day when you have too high or low estrogen in your body. It can become or extend even longer, for weeks to months, in case that you will deliberately refuse to treat it. We dread the brain fog which is not so intensely associated with low testosterone as it is to estrogen. Anyone who is having too low or too high estrogen levels are likely to get brain fog. The same is true with low sex drive and fatigue.

People who are a bit overweight are likely to have more difficulty or will be challenged when they try to stay on top of their estrogen levels, the reason being that the aromatase process is going to happen most of the time in the fatty tissues. If you are in this kind of situation and you will introduce an extra amount of testosterone into your body, the likely response your body will have and display is to transform some of it to estrogen. The more testosterone that you will introduce to your body, the more is likely to be converted into estrogen.

If you are lacking awareness in this area, it will render you become easily frustrated by the absence of testosterone treatment symptom relief.  

Sad to say though that it will spell danger for you if you will completely rely on your physician alone and trust that he will have you stay on top of your estrogen level for you. It is said that the vast majority of these physicians are quite having second-thoughts if they should put their patients up on TRT treatment due to their fears of developing prostate cancer. 

While there is no solid connection or basis that testosterone treatment and prostate cancer are associated with each other, strong evidence are pointing out that estrogen has a crucial role to play in the production of prostate cancer cells. For this, we find it strange that these TRT physicians are not adamant about staying on top of estrogen as they administer TRT therapy to their patients. In that case, the best course of action to take if you see that your physician is not taking good action on this area for you, then take the initiative of doing on your own.

Don’t try to center all your efforts and energy on testosterone alone. We highly suggest that you give equal thought and attention to your estrogen also. In addition to this, know also that optimal estrogen range is far more challenging and tricky to acquire compared to testosterone.  

If you have more concerns about this, or if you feel the need to know more about this subject matter we highly recommend that you reach out to your trusted TRT doctor near you for answers.