What You Need to Know about Plasmacam

If you considering to buy a metal shape cutting machine in a form of a plasmacam, then make sure that you read the most important things you need to know about it so you will not be making the mistake of wasting your time, money, and effort.

Cost of the System

The total cost of the entire system should include all the necessary accessories, software, construction, and installation.

A plasmacam is a machine that complete and ready to cut parts. Basically, you will just be needing a hand plasma torch and a computer. There will be no additional parts to build or buy. At the same time, you don’t have to purchase and learn additional software.

Using a Hand-held Plasma Torch

The machine takes hold of a hand held plasma torch to offer the best performance and flexibility. A plasma machine torch is so much more expensive and does not have any performance advantage over a handheld torch. At the same time, there are a lot of small plasma cutters that are actually not available with a machine torch option. But with the use of a plasma cam machine, you will be able to save a lot of money and use it for hand cutting as well.


Operating Cost

The machine is one of the easiest CNC systems to use that is available in the market. The training, set up time, operating cost, and maintenance for it are just all minimal. Moreover, there is no need for programming.


Design of the Machine

Type of Motors

The machine makes use of precision servo motors that comes with optical encoder feedback. This is not only great for accuracy but for higher speed capabilities as well which means higher productivity. Without the acceleration and speed of the machine, achieving a fine cut in medium to thin materials will not be possible.


Control System Feedback

A lot of control systems utilize an open loop feedback. This means that the load fluctuations and vibrations can cause its motors to skip steps because the controller realizing the position is lost.

But since servo controller makes use of a closed loop feedback, the encoders efficiently report the true position of the machine back to the controller. With this, perfect position for the machine is maintained in spite of different conditions.



The machine has a unique and patented Z-axis that reliably controls the torch’s height during the cutting process. Since this is important in machine design, the motion is intelligently coordinated along with the X-Y cutting motion by the same software that controls it.



When it comes to reputation, the machine has the best reputation. You can lessen your expenses while saving time by using machine that is well-designed and has been tested.

If you used to be reluctant with the idea of investing in this machine, then the things above would have surely changed your mind.

Cutting Stone and Tile with Waterjet Cut Machine

Waterjet cut machine has long proven that it’s the best solution for cutting and mitering extra hard materials like porcelain and Dekton. The machine is capable of increasing material yield and offers operating efficiency. This equates to reduced costs and more savings compared to other conventional equipment.machine photo


Cutting Stone with Waterjets

Cutting stone with waterjet has greatly advanced in the last few decades and today, it is rapidly increasing in terms of popularity as fabricators prove the manifold of benefits that this technology offers.

The key driver when it comes to change is being accelerated by the introduction of extremely hard sintered ceramics that can be very challenging to cut using conventional saws. Some examples of such materials would include products like porcelain. These new batch of ceramics offers numerous advantages to the end users, but on the part of fabricators, to miter and cut these materials using conventional equipment can be very slow and may cause bottlenecks in the production process.


Waterjet: It is Best for Cutting Stones?

For a long time now, the technology of waterjet has been the best answer to cut and miter different materials. A water jet cutter makes use of a very high-pressure stream of water. This water is mixed with abrasive which is considered to be a powerful cutting tool that can cut even the hardest material.


Waterjets Cut with Precision

With this technology, fabricators can load common DXF files straight to the equipment, set the mitre position and the required edge finish. It can also cut whole slabs in just one single operation. The “jet” which is the cutting tool has a fine angle of taper which is in the water stream. The majority of waterjet machines today incorporate a taper compensation technology. Its head is slightly tilted to the waste side and delivers a perfect 45-degree angle on the faces that need to be joined.


Waterjets can Reduce Waste

When it comes to cutting curves and sinks, a waterjet cutting machine can greatly reduce the waste in the water treatment equipment. This is because of the fact that the machine only has 1-1.5mm kerf width and this can remove 20mm of material for the whole length of the cut.


Faster Cutting

Waterjet machines can cut and pierce on all marble, stone, tile, and ceramic regardless how brittle the material is. Now, tap holes, sunk cutouts, and curved which were once cut using power tools can now be cut in just a fraction of time using the machine. Yes, cutting time is greatly reduces compared to when you choose to use other traditional cutting methods. Moreover, the machine eliminates the need to sharpen blades or saws and since it’s a wet process, you don’t have to worry about dust.

Adding a waterjet to your operations is a great investment as you can produce faster while making sure that quality is never compromised.