How to Familiarize Yourself with Australian Spa Parts

Proper care and maintenance are crucial to the longevity of your outdoor water entertainment feature, most especially if they happen to have Australian spa parts. All the different parts of a swim spa equipment, from the pump motor to the heater element, manifold assemblies, main control units, relays to pc boards, blowers and pressure switch — they should be well taken care of and must always in their tip-top form. If something is needing replacement, then make no haste in doing so. 

Even if your hot tub or outdoor swim spa is made from high-grade Australian spa parts, keep in mind that over time they will still go through the normal grind of wear and tear. They can be replaced with original items when needed, or in the absence of which another brand of products of comparable grade and quality can be used instead, as per your requirement.

But don’t be afraid of trying out compatible items. Most of the time, they also offer optimum performance as opposed to how their original counterparts would fare, but at a much lower cost. 

Now is the time to get to know your swim spa or hot tub a little deeper by knowing what is inside them. 

Heater Elements

Even if people would usually blame it on a worn spa heater element, it is not always the case. We don’t think we would qualify it as among the most common causes of spa heater issues. A sudden drastic spike in the voltage could be getting into this, but then again, it could be something else also.  


What are the spa relays? Relays are qualified electrical switches, whose main function is to relay power from one single component to another. As for the contactors, they are quite different from the relays. They are another kind of mechanical spa relays intended for a larger load such as the heater of your swim spa.

Spa Filters

Spa filters are not likely to last that long since they are not designed to last forever and this is due to their intended purpose and that it is to filter out debris, dust, and other foreign matter from getting into your swim spa equipment and its internal components.

This is the reason why you need to keep an eye on them and depending on the frequency of use of your swim spa or hot tub, replace their filters at least once every 12-24 months.  

Wet Ends

If you have a swim spa, the wet end is the extreme end part of its pump and that is in direct contact with water and gets wet, hence, the name. The other end can be found in the motor and you must keep it as dry as possible.

Pressure Switch

The majority of house calls for spa heater repair works are almost always due to a dirty filter. A dirty filter will not let enough water to flow through. The purpose of the pressure switch is to sense the amount of water flowing and keep the heater from turning on. 

If you are not likely going to clean your spa filter, then you probably have a faulty pressure switch instead. Therefore you need another one, so replace it. 


Spa o-rings inside the unions are among the most well known. Opening a union will flush out the o-ring to an unreachable point, under the swim spa itself. There are instances also that O-rings can be found in chlorinators and certain types of swim spa filters. They can also be used in a pump’s wet end.

The Australian spa parts we enlisted above may not be completely exhaustive, but the core message we have here remains the same. Each single one of them must be properly maintained and should be well taken care of. Neglecting this aspect runs the risk of unnecessary damage to your outdoor water entertainment feature.