How to Identify the Best Marine VHF Antenna to Use

For anglers, when it comes to finding the most invaluable VHF antenna they would probably see it as finding a great bite. Or surviving a skunk perhaps. But seriously speaking, this could save their lives or keep them from getting stranded or mishap. 

An expert would always encourage us to buy the best possible antenna that our money can afford. Prices for these pieces of equipment would be ranging from around $30 to more than $300 on recreational fishing vessels. 

What is a Marine VHF Antenna?

ICOM, one of the leading brands of marine VHF radios says they have sensitive receivers. They added also that if you will match it with just a meager $30 worth of antenna, you may not be able to optimize the range that ICOM can obtain for you. 

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VHF marine antennas can be classified into 3 groups. These correlate to good, better and best items. The categories would include Galaxy, Classic, and Phase III models. As for the key differences they have with each other, that part will boil down to what they have inside, whether a combination of coaxial cable, copper, and brass or all brass and copper. The brass and copper type is capable of producing the greatest efficiency. 

But before they decide to take that plunge into the antennas, anglers must understand what an antenna is all about. It is a machine. Most ordinary people see it as just a piece of wire. We qualify them as a physically resonant circuit, catered and designed for the frequencies we are aiming to utilize. They are photon generators because they have the power to convert the electrical signals and render them to become photons.  

Leading manufacturers say that as a general impression consumers think VHF type of antennas would only transmit signals right from its tip. However, this is not precisely correct. They assert that this type of antennas radiates their signal right from the base up.  

We can attribute this to the energy that is surrounding the antenna and since their signal tends to travel by line of sight, the manner in which you installed aboard a vessel is a major key factor here.

Even if you happen to have the best brand of an antenna, you can’t expect to receive optimum performance from them if you place them too close to another similar frequency antenna (it could be another VHF or an AIS type). The same level of underperformance can be expected if you will mount them too near to metal objects or if you mount them too low.  

If you are experiencing radio signal interruptions and think that your antenna could be causing the problem, the best course of action you can try in this kind of situation is to have someone help you test the signal strength from another boat. Have this friend you have started the test by being fairly close to your vessel and then gradually moving away until the radio signal starts to dissipate.  

When you decide to buy and acquire a new antenna, or you have finally decided to replace your old one, there is a big possibility that you are not going to come across a tech creep that is also plaguing some other electronics types. The working technology behind VHF antennas or any other type for that matter is more or less defined by physics — there nothing much about has changed over time. 

Materials though had undergone some changes, but the significant ones so far have something to do with a combination of things: multifunctional radios and antennas (VHF and AIS together, or WiFi and cellular). Everything has something to do with centralizing these products in a much smaller footprint.

Downlight LED: What Makes it Popular?

Downlight LED: What Makes it Popular?

Downlight LED is a favorite addition in most houses. It gives enough lighting in spaces while adding an extra touch of elegance as it enhances the design. This type of fixture is perfect for both establishments and homes that need a fast and practical way to spruce up the interior without having to bear with the usual lighting options. To better understand the fixture, below are some of the reasons that make it popular.


The array of benefits that one gets when installing a downlight LED would include lifetime warranty and durability, aesthetic appeal, and optimized power management. LED lights are widely available today and this is because of the increasing numbers of manufacturers that produce different fixtures from materials like arsenic, silicon, aluminum, diamond, and other similar components.


LED downlight fixtures are not only available in different materials, but they also come in various hues like white, pink, red, yellow, and others. The potentials are endless and with different color options, the fixture becomes a great choice for customization. Owners can set up their lighting in whatever way they want. LEDs are the better choice as they are capable of creating different illuminations at once. The adjustable and flexible nature of LEDs is possible by the minimum power distribution that differentiates them from regular frameworks.


No other lighting structure could compete with the maximum energy-saving power of LEDs. A Fluorescent fixture is known to have the longest lifespan of 15,000 working hours that is lesser than 200,000 hours maximum lifespan of LED lighting units.

Moreover, studies have shown that such releases less heat which makes it ideal in terms of energy conservation. This also means that the owners may choose to have air conditioning units or a similar ventilation system necessary to lower the temperature in a space. Their good resistance against external factors make them ideal and the same goes for their low maintenance ability. When compared to other lighting frameworks, downlights do not need electrical upkeep or regular replacement.

Less Heat and Power Usage

LED lights are also designed to emit lesser heat and in order to decrease their power usage for up to 60%, they help reduce energy consumption, thus lowering utility bills. This also means that the user will be able to enjoy bigger savings.

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Aside from producing less heat that will add to global warming and atmospheric conditions, LED fixtures are also environmentally-friendly mainly because they lack mercury content.

Fluorescent and other types of lighting units go through a process that involves the inclusion of mercury that results in carbon emission, something that LEDs do not possess.

With all these benefits, it clearly shows that LEDs are a great and practical option that people can enjoy with having to spend so much for a lighting fixture.

The Benefits of Using a Dedicated PCB Design Consultancy

PCB or printed circuit boards are perhaps the most vital component in electronic equipment and circuits. However, many companies find the design phase of PCB quite a challenge, incurring more costs and delays. In any type of business or industry, it is best that you focus on your products and services and on whatever it is that you do best. Utilize an outsourced PCB consultant, so you can concentrate on the core operations and activities of the business instead of struggling through PCB design.

Industries and companies that use the services of PCB consultancy are usually in the automotive, aerospace, communication, medical field, rail, and security. PCB can form and ensure the success of these companies when their products and services are out on the market.


Why get a consultant?

A PCB design consultant is capable of managing the process from beginning to end, relieving you of the hassle and headache. The consultant will help you from the initial concept to the finished product. This way, you can concentrate on other important stuff that you excel.

You can expect that an experienced consultant can grasp quickly what exactly are your needs. They will be able to help improve your process by improving your PCB design, and reducing marketing time and manufacturing costs. With a consultancy, you will no longer need prototypes.

A design consultancy for printed circuit boards does not only simply design, but also offer a wide range of other services, including pre-design efficiency studies, managing data, signal integrity, EMC pre-compliance testing, reverse engineering, PCB fabrication and assembly, and training as well.

Outsourcing a dedicated consultant for designing your printed circuit boards will help you cut cost. You can be certain of having a fixed cost in terms of the workload. With a specialist consultant, you will not be wasting time and money anymore redesigning repeatedly. Instead, you will be paying a fixed amount for the job, which is great help for your budget. You can also be sure that you will have the flexibility and expertise for the task.

Having an expert on the area will help ensure that the design of PCB is done using the latest or most recent software applications. With this technology, the performance of your product will improve. You will have a customized solution to your needs, and not a one size-fits-all approach.


There’s no arguing on how important deadlines are in all aspects of work and business. More so when it comes to designing and developing new products. Being the first one to be able to market products can be very profitable. When you work with a design consultancy for your printed circuit boards, rest assured that deadlines will be met, and that your product will be available to everyone on the market the soonest.

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