How to Familiarize Yourself with Australian Spa Parts

Proper care and maintenance are crucial to the longevity of your outdoor water entertainment feature, most especially if they happen to have Australian spa parts. All the different parts of a swim spa equipment, from the pump motor to the heater element, manifold assemblies, main control units, relays to pc boards, blowers and pressure switch — they should be well taken care of and must always in their tip-top form. If something is needing replacement, then make no haste in doing so. 

Even if your hot tub or outdoor swim spa is made from high-grade Australian spa parts, keep in mind that over time they will still go through the normal grind of wear and tear. They can be replaced with original items when needed, or in the absence of which another brand of products of comparable grade and quality can be used instead, as per your requirement.

But don’t be afraid of trying out compatible items. Most of the time, they also offer optimum performance as opposed to how their original counterparts would fare, but at a much lower cost. 

Now is the time to get to know your swim spa or hot tub a little deeper by knowing what is inside them. 

Heater Elements

Even if people would usually blame it on a worn spa heater element, it is not always the case. We don’t think we would qualify it as among the most common causes of spa heater issues. A sudden drastic spike in the voltage could be getting into this, but then again, it could be something else also.  


What are the spa relays? Relays are qualified electrical switches, whose main function is to relay power from one single component to another. As for the contactors, they are quite different from the relays. They are another kind of mechanical spa relays intended for a larger load such as the heater of your swim spa.

Spa Filters

Spa filters are not likely to last that long since they are not designed to last forever and this is due to their intended purpose and that it is to filter out debris, dust, and other foreign matter from getting into your swim spa equipment and its internal components.

This is the reason why you need to keep an eye on them and depending on the frequency of use of your swim spa or hot tub, replace their filters at least once every 12-24 months.  

Wet Ends

If you have a swim spa, the wet end is the extreme end part of its pump and that is in direct contact with water and gets wet, hence, the name. The other end can be found in the motor and you must keep it as dry as possible.

Pressure Switch

The majority of house calls for spa heater repair works are almost always due to a dirty filter. A dirty filter will not let enough water to flow through. The purpose of the pressure switch is to sense the amount of water flowing and keep the heater from turning on. 

If you are not likely going to clean your spa filter, then you probably have a faulty pressure switch instead. Therefore you need another one, so replace it. 


Spa o-rings inside the unions are among the most well known. Opening a union will flush out the o-ring to an unreachable point, under the swim spa itself. There are instances also that O-rings can be found in chlorinators and certain types of swim spa filters. They can also be used in a pump’s wet end.

The Australian spa parts we enlisted above may not be completely exhaustive, but the core message we have here remains the same. Each single one of them must be properly maintained and should be well taken care of. Neglecting this aspect runs the risk of unnecessary damage to your outdoor water entertainment feature.

How to Identify the Best Marine VHF Antenna to Use

For anglers, when it comes to finding the most invaluable VHF antenna they would probably see it as finding a great bite. Or surviving a skunk perhaps. But seriously speaking, this could save their lives or keep them from getting stranded or mishap. 

An expert would always encourage us to buy the best possible antenna that our money can afford. Prices for these pieces of equipment would be ranging from around $30 to more than $300 on recreational fishing vessels. 

What is a Marine VHF Antenna?

ICOM, one of the leading brands of marine VHF radios says they have sensitive receivers. They added also that if you will match it with just a meager $30 worth of antenna, you may not be able to optimize the range that ICOM can obtain for you. 

marine radio

VHF marine antennas can be classified into 3 groups. These correlate to good, better and best items. The categories would include Galaxy, Classic, and Phase III models. As for the key differences they have with each other, that part will boil down to what they have inside, whether a combination of coaxial cable, copper, and brass or all brass and copper. The brass and copper type is capable of producing the greatest efficiency. 

But before they decide to take that plunge into the antennas, anglers must understand what an antenna is all about. It is a machine. Most ordinary people see it as just a piece of wire. We qualify them as a physically resonant circuit, catered and designed for the frequencies we are aiming to utilize. They are photon generators because they have the power to convert the electrical signals and render them to become photons.  

Leading manufacturers say that as a general impression consumers think VHF type of antennas would only transmit signals right from its tip. However, this is not precisely correct. They assert that this type of antennas radiates their signal right from the base up.  

We can attribute this to the energy that is surrounding the antenna and since their signal tends to travel by line of sight, the manner in which you installed aboard a vessel is a major key factor here.

Even if you happen to have the best brand of an antenna, you can’t expect to receive optimum performance from them if you place them too close to another similar frequency antenna (it could be another VHF or an AIS type). The same level of underperformance can be expected if you will mount them too near to metal objects or if you mount them too low.  

If you are experiencing radio signal interruptions and think that your antenna could be causing the problem, the best course of action you can try in this kind of situation is to have someone help you test the signal strength from another boat. Have this friend you have started the test by being fairly close to your vessel and then gradually moving away until the radio signal starts to dissipate.  

When you decide to buy and acquire a new antenna, or you have finally decided to replace your old one, there is a big possibility that you are not going to come across a tech creep that is also plaguing some other electronics types. The working technology behind VHF antennas or any other type for that matter is more or less defined by physics — there nothing much about has changed over time. 

Materials though had undergone some changes, but the significant ones so far have something to do with a combination of things: multifunctional radios and antennas (VHF and AIS together, or WiFi and cellular). Everything has something to do with centralizing these products in a much smaller footprint.

Testosterone Replacement for Men

The Most Common Blunder on Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Australia

None of us, including those who are actively taking TRT treatment, are qualified subject matter experts on male hormones. Most of the time, we engage ourselves to research everything about it only after we realize that it is indeed a bit complicated HRT (hormone replacement therapy). The truth about this is that we can’t always anticipate get the results we are expecting to have from a qualified HRT program. 

Like for instance, many of us would easily be obliged to undergo this type of HRT process when we are under the impression that one of the underlying reasons for our incessant fatigue is low or reduced amount of testosterone. Only to realize down the road that it is not necessarily the case. 

There is a manifold of reasons why we are experiencing either intermittent or incessant physical fatigue. Low or reduced amount of testosterone in our body is one of the many reasons, or it could be induced by too high amounts of it in our body. It can be brought about also by too high or too low estrogen levels, bad eating habits, nicotine, and sundry of other reasons.

In this article, we are going to take a look into some of these popular blunders on the use of testosterone replacement therapy in Australia and try to shed some light on them. 

Failure to understand the important role that estrogen has on the male human body. 

A low T or reduced amount of testosterone in the body comes with its array of symptoms. However, we can hardly say that each one of those is unique indicating symptoms of Low T. Most of the said symptoms are shared with several other hormones, particularly estrogen. 

One thing is certain, you are bound to suffer from a really bad day when you have too high or low estrogen in your body. It can become or extend even longer, for weeks to months, in case that you will deliberately refuse to treat it. We dread the brain fog which is not so intensely associated with low testosterone as it is to estrogen. Anyone who is having too low or too high estrogen levels are likely to get brain fog. The same is true with low sex drive and fatigue.

People who are a bit overweight are likely to have more difficulty or will be challenged when they try to stay on top of their estrogen levels, the reason being that the aromatase process is going to happen most of the time in the fatty tissues. If you are in this kind of situation and you will introduce an extra amount of testosterone into your body, the likely response your body will have and display is to transform some of it to estrogen. The more testosterone that you will introduce to your body, the more is likely to be converted into estrogen.

If you are lacking awareness in this area, it will render you become easily frustrated by the absence of testosterone treatment symptom relief.  

Sad to say though that it will spell danger for you if you will completely rely on your physician alone and trust that he will have you stay on top of your estrogen level for you. It is said that the vast majority of these physicians are quite having second-thoughts if they should put their patients up on TRT treatment due to their fears of developing prostate cancer. 

While there is no solid connection or basis that testosterone treatment and prostate cancer are associated with each other, strong evidence are pointing out that estrogen has a crucial role to play in the production of prostate cancer cells. For this, we find it strange that these TRT physicians are not adamant about staying on top of estrogen as they administer TRT therapy to their patients. In that case, the best course of action to take if you see that your physician is not taking good action on this area for you, then take the initiative of doing on your own.

Don’t try to center all your efforts and energy on testosterone alone. We highly suggest that you give equal thought and attention to your estrogen also. In addition to this, know also that optimal estrogen range is far more challenging and tricky to acquire compared to testosterone.  

If you have more concerns about this, or if you feel the need to know more about this subject matter we highly recommend that you reach out to your trusted TRT doctor near you for answers.

Waterjet Cutting Machine

What Materials Are Good for Waterjet Cutting?

Industry experts and those who are seasoned in using this state-of-the-art cutting-edge technology are asserting that waterjet cutting is more than just a unique and highly effective material cutting process. It helps you carry out clean cuts using a variety of materials. 

Since this method of cutting materials does not involve the use of heat, it easily became a sought after method for handling and cutting materials that are heat-sensitive. If you have a project and want to veer your subject material away from heat-induced distortion and heat damage, while at the same time you are ensuring smooth, clean, and immaculate cut — waterjet cutting is the method of choice.  

While many people nowadays tend to associate the use of waterjet machines with metals, there is a sundry of materials that can benefit from this technology. We delve into this in the following section below


Waterjet cutting is commonly used in material cutting projects that involve handling and cutting steel and metal. Regardless of the grade of steel, waterjet technology allows you to easily produce seamlessly smooth edges to your object sans excess burr, cracking, burn marks or any other concerns that are usually associated with heat-based cutting. 

When you make use of a heat-based method of cutting, you run the risk of weakening the integrity of the material itself. This is the reason that elevates waterjet technology as the cutting method of choice for many in the industry. 

The complete absence of heat affected zone makes waterjet cutting the favored option when fabricating parts for food processing machines. It is also preferred even in the production and processing of materials for aerospace technology.  

Water Jet Cutting Machine
Water Jet Cutting Machine


There is a manifold of combination materials that waterjet technology can handle and cut, this is true most especially in the case of reinforced plastics. One of the reasons why waterjet machines are now considered as an imperative tool to use in the racecar and aerospace component fabrication industry is because they can quickly and cleanly cut carbon fiber-reinforced plastics. 

The use of waterjet technology is an assurance in itself that fabrication issues like tool wear or clogging are now a thing of the past. Waterjet machines eliminate the need for change tooling, and will never induce melting. And the best part of it, it is not likely to produce noxious or harmful fumes.

Other Metals 

Besides steel, waterjet technology is also capable of handling and cutting other types of metal. Aluminum is one of these metals. As for alloys, they are more challenging to machine cut because they tend to produce heat and thus the risk of distortion would be incessantly present. 

But generally speaking, all sorts of alloys can be effectively handled with a waterjet. 

Additionally, the waterjet cutting method is a great option when cutting and handling titanium since its inherent level of precision is likely going to minimize the amount of waste materials that will be produced. Alleviation of expected waste is crucial when handling or processing expensive metals such as titanium. 

It is also ideal to use when working on reflective metals such as copper, since it takes away the reflectivity issue, much like how it is when it comes to laser cutting.

Small Business Marketing Melbourne: 2020 Trends to Watch Out For

In an instant, marketing can change. You will be surprised that one thing works today, but tomorrow it’s not useful anymore. This is the same thing across the world. Small business marketing Melbourne has been consistently evolving. So many strategies that used to work were not put aside to give to new innovations. With influencer marketing, SEO, and artificial intelligence that keeps on dominating the online world, it is a must for a business to be aware and be prepared for the upcoming changes in marketing trends in 2020.

Small Business Marketing Melbourne 2020 Trends

Social Media

This trend has been conquering the world already. In a simple click of a button, we can start scrolling and checking different social media platforms. People has also been more into shopping also. With a few clicks, people can purchase items and pay for them. E-commerce sites are now taking advantage of such a trend by using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms. Next year, we can expect to see more shoppable posts that will greatly contribute to the shopping experience of every user.


Despite the increasing use of artificial intelligence in the digital world, customers are looking for ways to relate to a company. As automation keeps going, it is a must to connect with customers. By next year, we can expect to see more personalized groupings of newsletter. In this case, it would help if you can segment your email list into different categories. You also must study the behavior of the consumers so you can personalize your every action. One key to it is to make the customers feel that treated well and highly value.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content is considered to be the king of the castle and we can expect it to be the same in the coming year. But quality over quantity and having more diverse content will be the favorites. As you strategize your content in the coming years, it is important to diversify it and change it up so you can attract customers by making more videos and interactive content.

Content is like fuel that makes any marketing strategy to roll. However, content that is saturated, overused, or posted just for the sake of posting can have negative impacts on engagement. Therefore, you need to take time when diversifying your content strategy. The main point is to attract and establish engagement with your audience and not to annoy them with fillers and unnecessary information.

One thing is for sure, marketing is expected to evolve at a rapid speed. It is a must for businesses to adapt and keep evolving with the new and latest marketing trends to stay in the competition and maintain high-quality customers. By establishing an intention to learn and apply new innovations would help set the company apart from the rest.

These are just a few trends to watch out for. In the next year, we can expect to see more changes in the world of marketing. For businesses, knowing how to use these changes to their advantage will be a game changer.

apartment couch

How to Find Long Term Furniture Hire Services for Your Home Staging Needs?

If you are wanting to sell your house but not anything you have inside it, finding a reputable provider of long term furniture hire services is a smart choice to stage your home. By this measure, you are preparing your humble abode to show it in the most presentable way to your prospective buyers. Your goal here is to give them an idea, a solid visual of your home’s full potential and this can be achieved by using the most impact furnishings and room stagings.

Staged Homes Sell Faster

If you have just vacated your house and you need to stage it for real estate shows, most of the experts minds in this business agree in saying that you have a better chance of selling your property faster and for a better price when you fill it first with several tastefully selected pieces of furniture rental and accessories. 

A house that is empty, devoid of any furnishing, may exude a spacious vibe. However, there is a downside to that, most of the potential buyers will have a hard time visualizing how they would live their life in there without seeing first how enticing and how inviting your home interiors can look like. As a home stager and owner of the property you are trying to put on sale, that should be your primary goal — to put your house in a good light to perk up the interest of property hunters. If you can make that happen, half of the job is done. 

Choosing the Right Appliance and Furniture Rental Company

Partner yourself up with a reputable home furniture rental company. They must be known for delivering the leased items fast and safe. Keep in mind that when you put up your house in the property market, that means you don’t have much time. Delay is not an option here because at stake is a possible successful sale of your home. So make it sure to work with a team that will deliver your leased appliances and furniture to your doorstep on time

Moreover, you also need to ensure that they will up your staged furniture pieces right after you close a successful sale transaction. There are many furniture hire Melbourne companies that will not include in their quoted price any drop-off or pick-up service, therefore it is for your good to inquire about this.  

If you are unsure that you can find a good team to help you with this, you may check out their official websites and review actual customer feedback. It is your best recourse in as far as the performance of a furniture hire company is concerned. 

long term furniture  hire services
Long Term Furniture Hire Services

Choose a Neutral Type of Accessories and Furniture

One of the most common mistakes in staging a home for sale is putting too much emphasis on accent pieces and furniture. Hence, the prospective buyer’s attention and interest are swayed and drawn to them instead and not to the individual rooms of the house and their efficient functions. Also, it is important to see to it that the furniture styles you will select for your staging needs are consistent with your home’s style. Like for instance, veer away from modish furnishing if your home interior does have French colonial style on its window treatments and woodwork. 

Pay Close Attention to Bedrooms

Make no mistake in putting too many embellishments to the bedrooms. We consider bedrooms as a highly personal space. Therefore, if you put too many decorations and access in these areas, prospective buyers will have some difficulty in imagining living there should you fill these spaces with so many items. Avoid getting bedroom spaces cramped up with a lot of stuff.  

Don’t miss out on the furniture for the patio area

Choosing neutral furnishings for your indoor spaces will also work great for your outdoors. Simplified colors for your patio furniture will beautifully complement this area of your property, therefore making it stand out. What you need to aim for in this part of your home is to give an inviting and interesting look. However, try not to go over-the-top.   

The Bottom Line

An elegantly furnished home, compared to a bland, empty house, will sell faster and more often than not for a higher price when put on sale in Melbourne’s property market. Rental companies offering long term furniture hire service may well serve as your best option when looking for appliances and furniture items to use for your home staging concerns.

Lease out the right and appropriate items for this purpose so you can come up with visually appealing home interiors. This is the best way to help your prospective buyers and property hunters to see your home’s value in terms of easy and comfortable living.

Industrial Machine Operator

Useful Tips When Doing Industrial Machine Repairs

One thing is for sure when it comes to machines that all of them need maintenance or even repair to make sure that they can perform their best. The performance of the machine is very important to achieve your desired results. After all, even just a small problem can lead to hours of lost productivity that can reduce the profitability of the facility.

Given this, aside from maintenance, there are other important things that need to be done. Steps for industrial machine repairs should be taken properly so any performance issues will be avoided. This can also avoid loss in efficiency, thus allowing you to save more money while being sure that you are working in a safe working environment.

Below are some of the tips that can make a great difference and impact in your facility. Knowing and doing them will be very advantageous.

Have a Maintenance Schedule

Each facility operator is aware that the equipment needs to be visually inspected. Also, a machinery test should be performed regularly. But can you still recall the last time you had an inspection? If not, your machine can be on the verge of a breakdown without you knowing this. This can lead to expensive and time-consuming industrial machine repairs.

With this, it is important that you have a record of all maintenance that was performed on your industrial machine. Of course, they need to be very detailed. Also, the guidelines that are found in the operator manual should be followed. Any observations and repairs should be recorded accurately. You also need to give attention to any warped belts, loose bolts, as well as other signs of wear and tear that are often overlooked during inspections that are not so thorough.

By making sure that all machine maintenance needs are met, and you have accurate records can help problems and unnecessary repairs, thus increasing the lifespan of your equipment.

Operator Training

Although training the operator may not seem related to maintenance, this can have a great impact on the ability of the machines to be at their best working condition. After all, every piece of equipment has its own operating instructions to guide the user. Through time, manufacturers can update their recommendations or any changes in the working environment can lead to alterations in the use of the machine.

The question here is whether the employees will know, apply, and follow these practices. Making sure that each member who may use a piece of equipment is well-trained on how it should be used can help prevent any damage that could try to push the machine to its limits.

Industrial Machine Repairs

Keep It Clean

By allowing dirt or any form of contaminant to accumulate on industrial machines can reduce its performance capability. When exposed to humidity and other hazards, this could also contribute to rust, corrosion, and other serious repair issues. Visit here for more machine cleaning tips.

While it is important that the machine is kept in a sheltered environment, you need to make extra efforts to make sure that the surrounding is clear, and nothing can interfere with the performance of the machine.

It is important that you keep cleaning as part of maintenance inspections. Doing so can help improve the overall efficiency of the machine while preventing any problem or damage.


Brick Tiles: The Advantages of Choosing Them for Your Floor

In most cases, we see bricks being used in building exterior driveways, walls, roads, and pavements. In the last few years, the use of this material as an interior flooring option has become very popular along with the growing demand for décor styles. The use of quality brick tiles for flooring comes with a lot of charm, especially with its roughish surface and terracotta tones. These add more warmth and texture to make the space cozier.

In addition, when combined with sleek modern fittings, brick floors can offer rugged and interesting counterpoint to modern settings. If you want to give this kind of flooring a try, you will be surprised with the many advantages it has to offer.

Advantages of Brick Flooring

Just like with other popular types of flooring options, the use of quality brick tiles for your room comes with benefits which are enough reasons for you to choose this option.

Distinct Character

The rustic look of brick flooring offers a very distinct look which will be great for any interior space. It will give the space its own character with a touch of authenticity. For modern interiors, this will be a rugged edge that will work perfectly with industrial, shabby chic,and rustic decors.

Aesthetic Option

Brick paver flooring comes in a variety of finishes and colors that will give you ample choice to find the perfect one and achieve the look you want for your space. There are also different textures to choose from. You may opt for a smooth or rough texture. Of course, several layout patterns are also available.


Fired clay brick is among the most durable materials used on construction than mankind has ever known. This means that the use of this material will ensure you that your floor will last a decade even centuries.

Resistant to Fire

What sets brick flooring from other options is their fire-resistant quality. It can withstand extreme heat and can resist damage caused by fire compared to other flooring materials like carpet and hardwood.

Made of Natural Materials

Shale and clay are naturally occurring materials that are widely available. Also, while it may take so much energy to fire the bricks, their longevity and extreme durability means that there will be no need for extra energy to replace them in the future.


Interestingly, bricks are recyclable. For a green option, you may opt to use reclaimed bricks that are cut into paver sized.

Ease of Maintenance

Due to the darker tone of brick flooring, this makes this choice good at hiding dirt. Although it also attracts dust due to its texture, the maintenance is very easy. They can be cleaned easily, mopping and vacuuming. Click here for more brick flooring cleaning tips.

Warmer Underfoot

Inherently, compared to other flooring materials, bricks are warmer. They can also be utilized with underfloor radiant heating in order to maximize their heat retaining properties.

Yes, brick flooring comes with numerous advantages that are not often found in other available options. Therefore, it is not a surprise why they are so popular in today’s time.

Top of Mind Considerations for Hospital Flooring

Top of Mind Considerations for Hospital Flooring

A hospital is a very important facility and in one way or the other we all must spend some time here. From accessibility and cleanliness to wayfinding, heavy wear, and promoting a healthy and healing environment, hospitals constantly face different challenges. In this case, a good hospital flooring plays a crucial role in creating a quality healthcare setting. Here are the factors that you need to consider when choosing the best flooring for hospitals.

Healthcare Facility Flooring Considerations

Where to Install the Flooring

First consideration is to know where the flooring is intended to be used. The corridors, clinical areas, and entrance of the hospital serve their own purposes and would face specific pressures. For example, the entrance is the area where visitors, patients, and their families pass by. This is why a high-quality hospital flooring should be installed, especially in areas where there is heavy traffic.

You should opt for a welcoming and durable floor that will promote your design vision while making a good first impression. In addition, the corridors are also heavily used which includes heavy rolling loads and foot traffic. This is also where stretchers, wheelchairs, med carts, and other equipment carts often pass by so the flooring should safe.

Minimize the Risk of Falling

Installing the right flooring can help minimize the risk of patients who sustained a fall; thus, the flooring needs to be slip-resistant, easily cleaned, and impermeable. But aside from this, the finished also play an important role. The finishing needs to have low reflectance value to prevent glare. Also, the joints and seams need to be few and far between to prevent tripping.

Texture and Noise Absorption

The texture of the floor can affect its performance from reducing injuries related to falling, as well as noise absorbance. Preventing a fall is very important, but as they can be inevitable. In this case, the floor should have energy-absorbent properties that would minimize injuries. Such can be achieved with the help of underlays that would increase cushioning. Finishes and underlays could be used for noise absorbance, heavy foot traffic, or reducing noise.

Injured Patient in Hospital

Reduce Staff Fatigue

Doctors, nurses, and other personnel in healthcare render long work shifts. During those hours, they are always on their feet. With the help of mats and cushioned flooring, fatigue can be reduced, thus saving not only their feet but even their sanity.

Lesser Risks of Healthcare-Associated Infections

Infections in the healthcare industry is a nightmare. But with proper flooring the risks will be mitigated, while improving patient experience. It is not recommended to use carpets, especially in operating rooms and burn units where there are higher airborne pathogens. Instead, it is best to use clean and impermeable materials that could easily be cleaned.

Design and Color

Color is important in terms of simplifying wayfinding in the wings and corridors in most hospitals. Patterns and colors can help promote a non-institutional atmosphere, while still helping in wayfinding. Of course, since some patrons of healthcare facilities might have sensitive eyes, it is better to use non-glare finishes.

The flooring in healthcare facilities play an important role in making sure that not only the patients are safe, but even those who are just visiting or passing by. Visit this link to see different options for hospital flooring.

Can You Use Your Vacuum Sealer on Your Vegetables?

First-time vacuum sealer users usually have reservations or qualms when they need to decide whether they should vacuum seal also their farm fresh vegetables or not. If you think you belong to this group, it is important to know that vacuum sealing is a quick and effective way of making your highly perishable fruits and vegetables stay fresh and crisp for another season.              

Vacuum sealed vegetables and fruits are likely to remain fresher for longer, unaffected and unaltered by molds, bacteria, or microbes. 

This means to say that if you are keeping you own vegetable garden in your backyard, you should not be worried about storage concerns because you can keep them in their freshest condition by employing the help of a reliable vacuum sealing machine.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Prepare Your Fruits and Vegetables for Vacuum Sealing

First off, you don’t vacuum seal anything just like or straight away. Much like everything else, you need to prepare your fruits and vegetables before you vacuum seal them. In the absence of proper preparation, it will run the risk of your fruits and veggies from getting spoiled or, likely, its quality will eventually deteriorate faster than it should. 

Many of us are under the impression that it is enough to just vacuum seal your fruits and vegetables and bung them into your fridge just like that. However, that is not enough. You need to prepare your fruits and vegetables before you vacuum seal them, otherwise, it runs the risk that they will still deteriorate fast or the chances of their spoilage would remain high.   

If you will set your refrigerator to its low temperature, it will induce your fruits and vegetables to release certain gases that are likely to cause interference to their freshness. This happening will have them lose their crisp texture which indicates their farm-fresh quality. 

In addition to that, without proper washing and cleaning, your fruits and veggies are likely to contain still anaerobic bacteria and they will still possibly grow just fine inside your vacuum-sealed food bag.  

Peel Your Fruits and Vegetables

Before you vacuum seal fresh fruits and vegetables, peel them first if you need to. You can also cut them, so you will only have smaller pieces to vacuum seal. However, for small-size fruits and veggies, they can just be left as is. But you need to wash everything thoroughly so that they will be free of any dirt. 

Blanch Your Fruits and Veggies

To put a stop to their ripening process and also to keep them from releasing gas while inside your vacuum-sealed package, you can just blanch them in a pot of boiling water for about 4 minutes. 

The purpose of blanching is to exterminate germs that might have been harboring on your fruit or veggie. It will also help them retain their rigidity. Now to stop the cooking process due to the heat-induced by blanching, you need to put them in a bowl of ice water.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

If you have peeled, cut, and blanched your farm-fresh produce already, you need to drain their excess water using paper towels. Paramount to the success of your vacuum sealing efforts is to completely dry them before vacuum sealing is done. 

Naturally, if you prefer to use them in the future in portions, then make it sure that you divide them according to your preference. It is also highly recommended that you group similar veggies and have them in a single vacuum packaging and then for the others have them instead in a different vacuum packaging, too.  


It is an amazing feeling to see an abundant yield of fruits and vegetables. There is no reason why you should allow this joyful feeling sink under the worries of storing and consuming them. 

So, go and get yourself a dependable and high-quality vacuum sealer. You can get the most out of your vacuum sealing machine using the above-mentioned tips. 

Once you tried storing your highly perishable food items for a long time, and every time you cook you can still see your veggies fresh and crisp, then you know that it does validate you had done the right decision of getting yourself your vacuum sealer machine.